NEW VIDEO | Adrenal Glands Key to Confidence

NEW VIDEO | Adrenal Glands Key to Confidence

By Kingy (PUA Method)

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Posted 08 Feb 2012 by Kingy in Health and Fitness, Relationships, Self Esteem, State Control, Videos


It’s Wednesday evening and I was up working all last night and today. My brain is so numb it’s become difficult to formulate sentences or thoughts. :)

PUA Method Planet’s official launch is happening TOMORROW 9th @12PM GMT.

There’s a BONUS of two free Infield Videos from Jordan. He shows the open all the way to instant date and how to do it from the street in full HD. In the other video he breaks down what is happening on the screen and those little things he’s doing that are not visible to the naked eye. The guy doesn’t look like he should get results with hot women but his videos and bootcamp reviews show that he is straight up LEGIT!

It is hard for most guys to understand that being good with women has very little to do with their looks, height and body type. Yes it all counts but that stuff is very small on the scale. Jordan is actually working on these things by going to the gym and getting new clothes but that is for himself and not because he wants to try and attract a girl. If you can attract a girl by “eye scanning the f**k out of her” then why would you ever need to impress her with a watch? In Jordan’s previous bootcamp video he mentioned that this girl he dated said “you are the size of my ex boyfriends bicep” lol, yet he still got her! I bet she woke up confused as hell in the morning.

You will only get these MASSIVE VALUE video bonuses when you sign up during the launch tomorrow. PUA Method Planet is FREE so you are getting FREE gifts after a FREE signup as long as you do it during the launch. If you miss out, don’t say I didn’t warn you ;)

The reason I was up all last night was because our server went down and it appeared everything had been deleted. When I say everything, I mean EVERYTHING, all the files were gone, code, folders, the lot… Originally I thought we’d been hacked! However I got a call early this morning saying that because of the extra traffic, the server overloaded, and so brought everything down at about 11:30pm. If you were trying to access the website then, now you know why! Currently the server is stable and we are making sure it is strong as possible for the launch tomorrow.


So today I’m going to get straight into what I consider a MASSIVE video. I got into game through the routine route, then after about two years transitioned to natural game. In that time I had done thousands and thousands of approaches, inner game exercises and was out pretty much out every night. My momentum was amazing because of going out so much, so you’d think my approach anxiety would have gone too………..?

Well mostly it had….. Apart from if I took a few days off from approaching then I’d notice that it would start to come back quickly. Although I had conditioned myself to feel approaching was normal, as soon as I stopped doing it my flight or fight type response would activate and I’d get nervous. You could say, “well you have to approach all the time!”. However I knew guys who didn’t go out hardly at all and they had ZERO approach anxiety. In fact they rarely got nervous or anxious about anything. Where as I would get those negative feelings about most things and I’d really have to condition myself to temporarily stop feeling them.

detox men

Lets skip forward to today. I now have almost no feelings of Approach Anxiety, in fact generally my levels of anxiety are gone altogether. I can take a break from approaching for a few weeks and it doesn’t make much of a difference to how I feel about it doing it. I don’t sweat anymore and I’m very calm, where I used to have passive aggression which came from being nervous.

So what is the secret? My ADRENAL GLANDS!! I have been on a 95% raw food diet for a couple of years and have done several massive fruit only detox’s. My friends and family mostly think I’m nuts and judge me for tucking into a mango while they eat a cheese pizza. I don’t judge anyone! But there is a MASSIVE correlation between the foods that you eat and how you perform, that is basic! I’m on the path of the Jedi and want to see how far I can take this. The results that you can achieve on a basic fruit only detox are huge.

You want to get your adrenal glands back online and recharged. If they are overworked then they become very sensitive to tiny things and will trigger fight or flight type responses too quickly. Fight of flight type responses are there to protect you if you get punched in the face. They are not there so you feel nervous about public speaking, chatting to a girl or getting on the underground. A lot of us are scared of TINY things and I’m here to say there is nothing actually wrong with you but you will want to look at doing a fruit only detox for at least seven days.

Getting off the white sugar, dairy and meat helps lots. If you can take it a step further you will want to detox with water rich fruits and raw vegetables. These foods flush the body and will give the adrenal glands a break and a chance to re-charge. Just a couple of weeks with no meat and you will notice how much calmer you feel. This really comes down to you and your genetics.

If your parents were really healthy and their parents then you are probably generally very relaxed and chilled. Roj is a prime example of this, he can eat pretty much what he wants and still be a friendly Buddha. His parents originated from Thailand and so would eat high fruit diets with very simple foods. If Roj is going to eat lots of bad stimulating foods his children might end up being more anxious though. So we have to work with the cards that we are dealt. If you have any levels of anxiety you WANT TO CHECK THIS OUT!


Okay so I’m out of here, see you tomorrow!!!!

PUA Method Planet is a completely FREE online community, you don’t have to pay a penny. My business partner Chris has been strongly encouraging me to charge for this. He saw it and said “wtf man, you have to charge for this!”. I’m going to be strong though, so if you sign up during the launch you get completely free access even if I’m forced to start charging in the future.

You will get multiple weekly articles and videos done by the instructors during the week. Modelling yourself on people who get the results you want is the best way to learn and these posts will keep you on point.

It’s got full social networking capabilities with what are in my personal opinion the best aspects of MySpace and Facebook combined

Access to hundreds of cool, natural game, like minded wings in your area. You can form groups and hit the streets and bars together. Never feel lonely again!

Direct interaction with the PUA Method instructors via the forum. Got a sticking point? we are here to help you :)

This will be a healthy, pro-active, positive learning environment. I am big on positivity and the forum will be no different. Anyone who prevents others from learning and getting the best out of it will be kicked off.

This is also the ONLY place where you will get access to special offers and cut priced natural pick up products. We want to reserve the best deals for the guys in the planet for both our own stuff and friends of PUA Method.

>>> <<

Launch, Thursday 9th February 12:00pm GMT

Peace n Love,


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