All I Want For Christmas Is a Shag

All I Want For Christmas Is a Shag

By Adriano (PUA Method)

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Posted 13 Oct 2011 by Adriano in Outer Game, Sexual Escalation

All I Want For Christmas Is a Shag…

With the recent drop in temperature, the winter air reminded me of something…Christmas…

Now, one thing I have realised with students and PuA’s in general, that going out during the winter season is a big turnoff. In fact, the number of PuA’s on the street steeply decline during the November/December months.

Well, I can’t really blame them! Who wants to shiver and freeze while Gaming women on the streets, or struggling to get to that club when there is snow or ice upon the roads?

Well….what if I told you that women are a lot easier to Game during the Christmas period?

Lucy Pinder Christmas

During my time in Game, I’ve noticed one big observation throughout the year….it may sound surprising, but October/November and the first few weeks of December have been the easiest time and the greatest number of instant dates and Day Two’s I’ve had.

Why is that you may ask?

Well, think about it! Christmas is a time to get together. Many become accustomed to the celebrations and want to feel “loved” and “cared” for during this period, including those who do not celebrate Christmas. It is a time when holidays commence and people have days off work and study. It is a time when shops close and the streets are empty. It is a time to almost feel….alone if you have nobody there.

Now, this has a particular impact on women. Why? Because they think on a higher emotional level than us guys. This can truly work wonders in our favour!

jordan pua

These women know that Christmas is around the corner! A confident/alpha guy suddenly approaches them, commenting how gorgeous they are and begins to build up an emotional connection with them within minutes! How can they NOT want to be with them?!

Not only is Christmas time a period where women are open to be chatted up, but now is a time to really help with conversational skills, especially if you are struggling maintaining a conversation. Christmas is coming! Use it to your advantage! You can talk about their traditions during this time! Find out how they celebrate Christmas in the country they are from (if they are foreign)! Find out what is the best Christmas experience they have had (this can really spark up emotions, especially when they talk about their childhood experiences during Christmas)! Find out what they want from Father Christmas! ;)

Or you can spice it up! Find out what is the naughtiest experience they had during Christmas! Find out if they had been a good girl during the year and have fun guessing what presents they should get for Christmas based around what you think of them! Don’t forget to have a mistletoe on you! You will be surprised how quick you can escalate to a kiss close with one of those ;)

pua kiss close

You can even use the cold to your advantage when street gaming. As it will be so cold, you will not want to stay outside for too long. So why not make it a challenge that the only way you will head into a building (such as a coffee shop) is with an instant date.

There is so much fun to be had during Christmas! And I’m not talking about presents, food or drink ;)

If you have not Gamed during the Christmas period, now is your chance! If you feel you do not have the skills, now is the time to book into a bootcamp and get those skills on the leash, because the potential in London will be flooding with women wanting to be loved this season!

Want a potential girlfriend?
Want a potential SNL?
Now is the chance!

Why don’t you make this Christmas special? Get that ultimate present so many guys crave for…the girl that you always wanted.


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PUA Method Blog Contributor -  Adriano having experienced severe emotional and physical bullying throughout Secondary School, was left with shattered self-esteem and confidence levels. After recovering from a suicide attempt in 2005, Adriano decided to turn his life around. Since then, Adriano has dated some of the UK's most beautiful women, featured in films like 'Harry Potter' and 'The Kings Speech' and from 2009 has taught on PUA Method bootcamps all over the UK and Europe.

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