NEW VIDEO | How to Stimulate the G Spot

NEW VIDEO | How to Stimulate the G Spot

By Roj (PUA Method)

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Posted 27 Feb 2012 by Roj in Health and Fitness, Relationships, Sex Techniques, Videos


The women’s G-spot is a very sensitive area of the female body that has many nerve endings and therefore when stimulated gives infinite pleasure to the ladies. But finding it is not as easy as it sounds and stimulating it much less. Although with a little practice you will manage it, so here are some tips for both partners, whom with patience, love and passion will find it and then “use” the woman’s G spot to give her amazing pleasure.

To say that the female G-spot is in the vagina is not very accurate, so you need to know where to look for it. This famous pleasure point is inside the vagina, but only two inches deep, so no need to “go to the bottom”, but rather the opposite.

If we view the female vagina as a cube (that lengthens) we find it has six faces: the base (inlet), the bottom two sides, a bottom facing the back and an upper part facing the belly. It is this latter side of the vagina where the G spot is found

To feel it we have to insert our ring finger only a few inches with the tip o facing up. The area will feel rough and spongy and will tickle the woman straight away.

One very important tip is to create a suitable environment for the occasion. It is not a good idea to go straight to the g spot. it has to be a climate of mutual arousal so the women feels really comfortable before exploring her body and specially such an intimate area


The movement should be performed on the G-spot and should be very smooth and consistent, and as if we were calling someone with our fingers. The important thing is consistency and strength, but not excessive pressure or speed.

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