How to be attractive around beautiful women

How to be attractive around beautiful women

By Rick (PUA Method)

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Posted 20 Jun 2012 by Rick in Self Esteem, State Control

How to be consistently attractive around beautiful women

Today I’m going to give you access to the one of the biggest secrets in this pua community.

When you haven’t truly experienced being with women of beauty they can seem seperate and different from you. It almost can appear that they are a different type of human and they must have a completely different life.

The more experience you get the more you will realise that this is not the case though. Women are women and being attractive will lead you to attracting all women that are similar to you.

Probably the least attractive trait that a man can demonstrate is being needy or outcome dependant. Why is this? When you are outcome dependant you are communicating that you need validation from the woman to feel good about yourself. The woman instantly feels unattracted to a man displaying this needy energy.

It is vital to stay in the moment and happy. Always remember that sex with her will not make you more happy than you are now.

Let me clarify some things. Having sex with a beautiful woman is great, a nice tight body and a beautiful face. Can’t complain! However it is also great to be walking down a leafy street or playing with a dog. These are all great moments because these are the only moment.

Sex is just an action, the penetration of a warm hole and a positive chemical release from the body. Neither the sex or the walking down the leafy street is better than the other. You might not believe me yet but there will be a time when you will come to experience this too when you achieve the level of abundance that you are seeking.

The realisation of the present moment is KEY to pick up. I can’t emphasise how important it is to stay present with women. When I’m talking to a woman my mind is in two zones.

Zone 1: External – Flamboyant, aware of external soundings, gesturing, amusing myself, having fun, talking.

Zone 2: Internal – Aware of my breathing, staying present in my body.

Let me repeat, at all times I am always operating in both of these zones simultaneously

………Most people are not though, the average person is pretty much ONLY in Zone 1 (external). When things are going well then there is no problem being only in Zone 1 however things will inevitably go against you. She could give you a strange look, someone could shout something at you, she could look bored. These are just a few examples of things which could throw you off your game.

The Zone 1 person has no internal CENTER so he will just REACT. Examples of this reaction could be going red, sweating, trying to demonstrate value or experiencing a drop in his state. The issue here is that he is demonstrating a lack of self-acceptance and acceptance of the moment. The woman notices this as a loss in confidence or that he is trying to manipulate her and loses attraction.

When operating in both Zones 1 and 2 simultaneously then during the testing times you will maintain that nice happy feeling within your body. It is like a safe place. You will be in the moment, in your body and happy….. or if not happy then AT LEAST accepting the now.

With beautiful women or a woman that you might be perceived as more attractive then there is the desire to try and do something to demonstrate value. This could involve telling a DHV story, forcing a joke or doing something to try and impress her. It is important to notice this feeling of wanting to impress within you and then resisting it. Always bring your focus back to the moment, the NOW.

98% of guys don’t do this when communicating with women of beauty. They will however stay present with women that they perceive to be below them. Have you ever tried to impress a girl that you considered to be less attractive than you? And do you usually end up getting her if you want her? The answer is mostly YES! Talking to women that you don’t care about will always be easier.

However soon as that woman that intimidates the man comes along…. BANG he will start doing rather than being. She notices that he is trying to impress her and so she realises that he must have lower value than her because he is the one trying in the interaction. When this happens she loses attraction.

If you are always being in the now and accepting what is, then she will notice that you aren’t trying to impress her. You will need to have FAITH that this is the right path. Everything in your mind will scream for you to do the opposite but this is the EGO and the ego is by definition vulnerable and scared of the unknown. If you focus on just being and staying in both Zones 1 and 2 you will be happy.

When being present to the moment and talking to women you will find your communication flows. There is no forcing of communication because you don’t NEED anything to happen. You are happy internally, you are feeling good inside your body. You don’t need anything to happen to feel happy because you already are. So because you are already feeling happy then when you are talking to her you have a release from the outcome.

The release from the outcome is CRUCIAL because you become completely non-needy. The attitude should be “whatever happens, happens but I will lead the interaction forward because she is hot and I find it fun”. This is authentic, natural pick up and she will feel like it is almost her loss to not take things further with you because it is so rare for her to meet a non-needy man.

The more experience you get the more you will start to trust this concept. Truly though to reach the higher levels of your potential it will always come through the process of being and not doing. Being awesome and not doing awesome. Being attractive is not something you do but instead something which you are ALL of the time by just being present.

A little tip you can do to help release yourself from the outcome of an upcoming date is to delete her text messages from your phone. By doing this, subconsciously you will tell yourself that she is no big deal, which is true. It can be very easy to form attachments and then this leads to outcome dependence by holding onto things. No re-reading text messages or listening to voice mails, delete them, be a free man.

Finally, always approach as many hot women as possible, you want to reach a level of abundance. The more hot women you approach the more relaxed you will also start to feel around them. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket because this will lead to needy feelings. Even if you really like this girl force yourself to keep going out and meeting other women for a while. You might be thinking… why bother? I like her. But remember she was and will continue to be attracted to the present, non-needy you.

Have fun!

Peace n Love,


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PUA Method Blog Contributor -  Adriano having experienced severe emotional and physical bullying throughout Secondary School, was left with shattered self-esteem and confidence levels. After recovering from a suicide attempt in 2005, Adriano decided to turn his life around. Since then, Adriano has dated some of the UK's most beautiful women, featured in films like 'Harry Potter' and 'The Kings Speech' and from 2009 has taught on PUA Method bootcamps all over the UK and Europe.

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