Video – Kingy Picking Up in the New Forest…. wtf ?

Video – Kingy Picking Up in the New Forest…. wtf ?

By Kingy (PUA Method)

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Posted 01 Sep 2010 by Kingy in Health and Fitness, Self Esteem

Hey Man,

I’ve just got back from the New Forest and I wanted to share this video.

I find myself constantly looking for ways to keep myself in state and to feel awesome most of the time. Don’t get me wrong bad stuff happens and it is definitly possible to have a sad day. However I’ve grown to believe that our default state when we are living in the correct way is Happiness….. awww happiness, thats like unicorns and disney land right? Exactly, imagine walking through the night club or running some tight ass street game when you are feeling like a green juice warrior of sunshine. Yeah thats right, it’s putting random words together to form a joke time! Booo ya. Anyhow…..

Taking care of your personal fundamentals first will definitly help your pick up. Girls are very aware of how you are feeling on the inside. It is possible to fake it to an extent but usually they will know. Getting great reactions from girls usually comes down to the energy being put out there by the man, this then gets mirrored back to him from the girls.

I like to use real examples so on last bootcamp I opened and ran a Mother Daughter set in the bar. I was doing very little attraction based stuff because it was early on in the night and the energy of the bar was low. It didn’t matter though and with just a little teasing “oh I thought you were sisters :-) ” I was able to get exactly the same result. The mother wanted me to take the daughters number and the daughter started asking where I lived e.t.c. I pulled a student into the set half way through and he tried to contribute but it was already hooked into me. Physically I wasn’t locked in at all, they were seated and I was running my game in front of them with my back to the room. AFC stuff, but it didn’t matter, this was literally all down to the energy I was giving off, unicorns in disney land ;)

To get great energy you have to find out what works for you. It actually took a while for me to be able to start listening and understanding to what my body wants. For instance a badger isn’t asking other badgers how much protein he should be getting or whether his zinc levels are too high! Naahh man he’s just listening to his own body, I need to eat green, I need to drink, I need to find a lady badger for a bit of a cuddle ;) Dirty Badger!

Try 100% raw food diet for a day to see how you get on, throw those gingsters pies in the bin (other brands of pies are available). I 100% recommend getting out into nature, fresh oxygen and exercise is amazing. You still need to know tight outer-game to be able to pick up consistantly plus have your inner thoughts and beliefs fixed and pegg’d down but get your foundations solid. The vast majority of inner game doesn’t come down to how many strippers you have picked up this year but instead (raw food, drink, oxygen, exercise, meditation, socialising) play a much larger part.

Peace n Love,


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