NEW VIDEO | PUA Calibration, the little changes

NEW VIDEO | PUA Calibration, the little changes

By Rick (PUA Method)

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Posted 11 Apr 2012 by Rick in Outer Game, Self Esteem, State Control, Videos


So I wanted to share a new video I’ve recorded on pua calibration and making the little tweaks to your game. A lot of guys come into this pua community thinking that they are very far from being able to get great success at this. This is often NOT the case. Being attractive is best described as a bar chart of monthly progress with an attractiveness threshold line at the top.
pick up artist pua threshold

Everything counts in making you a more attractive man. Learning pick up skills, confidence, humour, positivity, good clothes, working out, a tan, social proof e.t.c. this all counts! However you can also dive into each core part of being attractive and make those little tweaks. This is about marketing, but marketing yourself! Who are you? What type of girls do you like? Where do these girls hang out? Where are you strongest? Where can you improve?

Once you have identified those points take a minute to write down a few things which you can tweak. New shirt? Jewellery? Shoes? Working out? Meditation? e.t.c Identify a weak point and then attack it with full force. If you are really good looking then maybe you can get away with having poor verbal skills or lower confidence one night. Your attractiveness rating will still be higher than the threshold point. The same applies if you usually go out clubbing with women you will probably notice that you are more attractive than when you are on a ‘lads night out’.

Everything counts!! When you reach a level of attractiveness that passes the overall threshold most women will find you sexually attractive. The real trick is to develop core attractiveness allowing you to be attractive all of the time. You don’t want to rely on having women around or being known in a certain venue. These are great techniques and useful tools in the tool box ;) Instead though you will want to tweak the parts which you always or mostly have access too. “Confidence, humour, clothes, positivity, working out” e.t.c. This will mean that you can walk through your life being an attractive man and when you see that woman on the street or sitting on the bus that you desire, you are equipped and ready to go! You know that you are attractive and have a good chance to get her if she is single.

Jordan is a great example of this attractiveness threshold. On bootcamp he talks about his story and where he came from. Jordan was a virgin getting into pua and it took him ONE YEAR before he managed to get a phone number close. He didn’t take any bootcamp and went out by himself approaching women, five to seven days per week. Jordan was bullied massively at school and had a lot of unattractive behaviours that would be unconsciously demonstrated to the woman when he’d approach her.

Jordan didn’t give up though and finally got a break through, his first number close after one year. During this year Jordan had slowly been working on his fashion, social skills, learning what to say and from all of the approaches his confidence had grown. Nine months after his first number close, he started consistantly getting dates and then he lost his virginity to a PROFESSIONAL MODEL, a girl most men would rate a 9 or 10.

What happened? We’ll eventually Jordan managed to reach the attractiveness threshold and went from a place of having ZERO women in his life to having lots of women being interested in him. It really makes very little difference on how hot the women is either. Game is game and attraction is not a choice. All women want an attractive man. In all my years of going out I have not ever managed to get a sympathy shag or have I heard of anyone getting this. There is no choice but to step up!

There is very little in between when developing this natural pick up artist skill set. You are either sexually attractive to women or you aren’t. True some women want a provider guy to take care of them. Also you can have a good night where you feel more confident than usual or you are out with women, or even on your birthday you might get results. What I’m talking about however is being able to consistently attract and close women. This comes from making those tweaks and eventually you will reach that abundance level!!

So a great belief to take out with you to the night game or the street is “Full abundance with women and dating is often only a few tweaks away”. So when you are out and things aren’t going well, think to yourself, what can I do now to enjoy myself more?

If you are new I recommend that you checkout these videos if you haven’t already.


PUA Method Bootcamp is a way for you to fast track your progress and literally shave years off of your natural learning curve.

We have been doing back to back bootcamps over the last few months at FULL capacity. I love teaching, it is my playtime. Most of the week I’m focusing on the company. My weekdays are usually 12 hour days. I wake up at 10am and I don’t stop working until 10pm plus I’ll do 30 approaches everyday to keep my skill set tight for the weekend. My work ethic is scary. Even my mum who is very much a pro hard worker tells me to take breaks and not work so hard. I love PUA so much, to me it is not work, it is my passion.

So when Bootcamp comes round each weekend it is my chance to let off some steam! The bootcamp is the most refined process that it can possibly be. Over the last five years we have tweaked the bootcamp in every area. Our main goal is to get the best possible student results over the weekend. Everyone that we help transform is an individual but because the instructors have seen over a thousand students we have seen every stereotype before. Whatever specific sticking point or belief you have about yourself that prevents you from being phenomenal with women we have SEEN IT before!

It is 100% necessary to get your skills with women down in my opinion. I mean what is the alternative? Making do with some woman who you aren’t that attracted to or that you argue with? Finding a women who is ready to settle down and be the beta guy to look after her kids all the while she is probably out with some alpha guy who makes her excited.

There is no option! Life is short.

I see guys living their lives through fear. Caring what the girl thinks, living a life of scarcity. “I hope that girl likes me”, “If only this one girl would date me”. Instead of living a life of complete abundance and enjoying something so inherent and simple as being good with women.

Speak Soon,

Peace n Love,


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PUA Method Blog Contributor -  Adriano having experienced severe emotional and physical bullying throughout Secondary School, was left with shattered self-esteem and confidence levels. After recovering from a suicide attempt in 2005, Adriano decided to turn his life around. Since then, Adriano has dated some of the UK's most beautiful women, featured in films like 'Harry Potter' and 'The Kings Speech' and from 2009 has taught on PUA Method bootcamps all over the UK and Europe.

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