NEW VIDEOS | Cupid Threesomes and Sex Toys | Plus Free Bonus

NEW VIDEOS | Cupid Threesomes and Sex Toys | Plus Free Bonus

By Roj (PUA Method)

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Posted 07 Feb 2012 by Roj in Outer Game, Relationships, Sex Techniques, Sexual Escalation, State Control, Videos

So I’ve just seen the final iteration of PUA Method Planet !

Best shit I’ve ever seen. SHOCKINGLY GOOD.

SO PUMPED!! –> PUA Method Planet is launching this Thursday — February 9th @ 12PM GMT.

>> <<

Your bonuses for signing up during the launch are two Infield Pick Up videos of Jordan. Jordan opens on the street and takes it all the way to an instant date. The videos were shot by myself about a year ago but never fully released, until now! You will be able to see everything he does to open, generate attraction, build a connection and then bounce her for a coffee. There is an INSANE level of value in the videos, infield and breakdown, these will clear up any confusion you have about street approaching.

I really wanted to create an amazing bonus for people who have a level of confusion surrounding consistent results. These videos will be made available to you for signing up to PUA Method Planet during the launch on the 9th.

We have some concerns that the server might be a bit sluggish on the day that it comes out, as we anticipate an unusually high number of people checking it out. If there are slowdowns on the first day then please be patient, as the site will begin to run very quickly on days 2, 3, and onwards. The server we use is high powered and expensive, however the number of people browing on that first day will be abnormally high.


PUA Method Planet is a completely FREE online community, you don’t have to pay a penny. My business partner Chris has been strongly encouraging me to charge for this. He saw it and said “wtf man, you have to charge for this!”. I’m going to be strong though, so if you sign up during the launch you get completely free access even if I’m forced to start charging in the future.

You will get multiple weekly articles and videos done by the instructors during the week. Modelling yourself on people who get the results you want is the best way to learn and these posts will keep you on point.

It’s got full social networking capabilities with what are in my personal opinion the best aspects of MySpace and Facebook combined

Access to hundreds of cool, natural game, like minded wings in your area. You can form groups and hit the streets and bars together. Never feel lonely again!

Direct interaction with the PUA Method instructors via the forum. Got a sticking point? we are here to help you :)

This will be a healthy, pro-active, positive learning environment. I am big on positivity and the forum will be no different. Anyone who prevents others from learning and getting the best out of it will be kicked off.

This is also the ONLY place where you will get access to special offers and cut priced natural pick up products. We want to reserve the best deals for the guys in the planet for both our own stuff and friends of PUA Method.

>>> <<

Launch, Thursday 9th February 12:00pm GMT


So today I’ve got for you a couple sexual videos from Cupid. Cupid knows a lot about sex and relationships, he always seems to be dating a hot girl and has had some crazy good times. A few of you will have heard about his adventures.

Cupid is a very sexual guy so just talking about sex turns him on. So to prevent him from seducing you he is being interviewed by a girl and not looking directly into the camera, you’ll see what I mean.

Over to your cupid!


Hey guys,

2011 was an amazing year so much as happened and I can’t help but feel that this year is going to be even better for me, I’ve already had a great start! A lot of you know that I now go to university in Cambridge; my time at university has been a real eye opener as I have been able to devote even more time getting to know people and watch myself grow as a person. The parties, clubs, societies, dates, the new social circles have been endless!

Getting to know people from all walks of life has been interesting and a great impact on me. As alot of you know I always want to give back to you guys, the things I experience, the mistakes I make and the amazing things I find out so that you can learn, get a head start, a better understanding.

One thing I have been very keen on is sex, ever since I started game in 2005 I have wanted to become the perfect boyfriend/husband so I could find my perfect girlfriend/wife. Though I have found you cannot MAKE yourself the perfect boyfriend but that’s another story I’ll talk about on a later date. But on the plus side I have gained many skills cooking, sports, languages and sexual performance, I believe that everyone has the ability to be great in bed and that sex is one of the important things that hold a relationship together, without sex you are just friends. Being good in bed will bring the person a lot closer to you, emotionally, physically.

>> Video 2 – Cupid | Threesomes and Friends with Benefits <<

I have created a new set of videos about the basics of sex, you need to start from the bottom to get to the top, there are more videos to come but even if you feel you are fairly good at the moment its best to create new foundations.

Now for all of you guys that already have that lucky lady but feel like the sex is getting a tad too routine don’t forget to check out the toys video!!! Toys can be amazing and they really do spice things up from getting bondage tape to getting a mould of your penis the things you can do nowadays are endless! It also makes it a lot more memorable for the lady, but more exiting and unique you make it the more likely she will ALWAYS remember it and when the girls are having a chat about their guys I’m sure what she says about you will make them ALL jealous of her, and make you even more attractive ;) ;)


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