VIDEO – The Perfect Direct Street Approach

VIDEO – The Perfect Direct Street Approach

By Kingy (PUA Method)

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Posted 25 Aug 2011 by Kingy in Outer Game, Sexual Escalation, Videos

Hey guys,

Got a fresh video for you direct from the PUA Method Bootcamp. Jordan breaks down in detail his direct street approaching and how you can implement it.

All these videos are from the PUA Method Office in London. The second day on our bootcamp we show the students infield videos of us approaching. Full HD and Stereo sound so they get to hear and see everything that we do to get the results that they saw the night before. Sometimes in a really loud venue it is not possible to hear everything the instructor says. Especially because you are doing your own approaches too.

We have been doing back to back bootcamps over the last few months at FULL capacity. I love teaching, it is my playtime. Most of the week I’m focusing on the company. My weekdays are usually 12 hour days. I wake up at 10am and I don’t stop working until 10pm plus I’ll do 30 approaches everyday to keep my skill set tight for the weekend. My work ethic is scary. Even my mum who is very much a pro hard worker tells me to take breaks and not work so hard. I love PUA so much, to me it is not work, it is my passion.

So when Bootcamp comes round each weekend it is my chance to let off some steam! The bootcamp is the most refined process that it can possibly be. Over the last five years we have tweaked the bootcamp in every area. Our main goal is to get the best possible student results over the weekend. Everyone that we help transform is an individual but because the instructors have seen over a thousand students we have seen every stereotype before. Whatever specific sticking point or belief you have about yourself that prevents you from being phenomenal with women we have SEEN IT before!

It is 100% necessary to get your skills with women down in my opinion. I mean what is the alternative? Making do with some woman who you aren’t that attracted to or that you argue with? Finding a women who is ready to settle down and be the beta guy to look after her kids all the while she is probably out with some alpha guy who makes her excited.

There is no option! Life is short.

I see guys living their lives through fear. Caring what the girl thinks, living a life of scarcity. “I hope that girl likes me”, “If only this one girl would date me”. Instead of living a life of complete abundance and enjoying something so inherent and simple as being good with women.

Speak Soon,

Peace n Love,


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PUA Method Blog Contributor -  Kingy is CEO and Lead Instructor of plus author of the book, The Pick Up Game. King has featured in The Sunday Times, The Sun Newspaper, Mens Health Magazine, Marie Claire Magazine and on The BBC. Kingy born in Surrey now runs the London based pick up company, PUA Method. Kingy has taught in person, over one thousand men the art of pick up and confidence.

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